Our Approach

How We Work

We tailor our development solutions:

In full partnership with the client

Following a comprehensive client needs assessment

Based on contemporary best practice, grounded in both evidence and experience

To achieve predicted results and return on investment

In consideration of client evaluation requirements

To ensure that each client’s experience with us is easy, professional and enjoyable.

PB Performance and Development operates in accordance with the following professional principles:

Our relationships with our clients are paramount, and we do what we agree

We will only provide services that we expect will bring value to our clients

We bring credibility, objectivity and relevant professional skills to every job

The way we deliver our services is insightful, wise, authentic, ethical, empathic and positive.

The following core values underpin the business, and guide our actions and behaviour:

  • Success: for our clients and our business
  • Quality: our work is grounded in evidence and experience, with commitment to continuous professional development
  • Impact: we strive to make a positive difference to the people and organisations we work
  • Integrity: our work is underpinned by strong personal and professional ethics.

Our Approach to Coaching

Our coaching programs are designed to bring about lasting, significant and positive change. Our coaching practice is evidence-based, and uses a cognitive-behavioural, strengths-based, and solution-focused framework, incorporating broader positive psychology and resilience interventions where relevant to the achievement of coaching goals. Our leadership coaching is supported by The Leadership Circle™ 360 and Harrison Assessment™ tools. Our resilience coaching is supported by the [email protected] (Resilience at Work) suite of surveys.

Coaching programs are personal and contextual. At the start of a program, broad coaching goals are established, and each session is individually tailored to support the client in making the changes needed to achieve those goals. Organisational coaching programs may include 3-way meetings with the relevant manager to establish and monitor coaching goals.

Regardless of the issue, our professional coaching process helps clients learn how to establish tangible goals, develop and commit to workable plans, make good decisions, recognise limiting patterns of thinking, shift ineffective behaviours, overcome obstacles, solve problems, stay on track, sustain motivation and develop resilience.

Verify Jo’s coaching credential here

Listen to a sample coaching session here

Watch the International Coach Federation video ‘What is Coaching?’

Read our White Paper for HR professionals on how to design and implement an effective organisational coaching program here 

Our Approach to Training and Facilitation

We understand adult learning and group processes and we use this expertise to create the best experience for the groups we work with as trainers or facilitators. We facilitate the learning or contribution of each and every member of the group, taking into account participant needs and your organisational context, and we ensure participant engagement occurs within a safe, positive, high energy, enthusiastic environment. Workshop content and methodology is developed in collaboration with you to maximise impact, take-up and workplace application. Workshop delivery incorporates a blend of training strategies, including presentation of theory, facilitated group discussion, practical activities and personal reflection. Handouts or workbooks containing relevant references and resources are made available for participants to aid with retention and application of workshop material.

Training can be delivered as ‘Lunch Bytes’ (45 minutes), in stand-alone 60 or 90-minute modules or in half day, full day or longer programs.

See our current training programs

We also offer a number of keynote presentations, including:

Being Your Personal Best

Happy Hour – Flourishing with Positive Psychology in Life and Work

Take Charge of Your Career

Resilience – a personal and professional perspective

Our Approach to Consulting

We value a collaborative approach and aim to work in full partnership with our organisational clients to:

Undertake a comprehensive needs assessment

Develop and agree a suggested approach

Deliver agreed program elements to the established cost, time and quality parameters

Ensure that your experience of working with us is easy, professional and enjoyable.

Our emphasis is on supporting organisations to develop and embed the skills, behaviours, systems and culture which drive long-term, sustainable, improvements in performance.

Want to explore training, coaching or other development options for your organisation? Let’s discuss solutions together. Phone Jo on 0412 319 394 or send an email via the enquiry form.