Managing and Improving Performance

Are you struggling with any of the following performance management and development challenges?

  • Performance Management System – your organisation’s Performance Management System is unwieldy, bureaucratic, time consuming, process focused, and doesn’t support improvement in individual or organizational performance.
  • Under skilled Managers – your Managers often lack the skills, experience or confidence to manage and develop their people.
  • Avoiding difficult conversation – conversations about unacceptable behavior or performance can be emotional and challenging, so are often avoided until a crisis is reached.
  • Lack of clarity – organisational ethics, values and codes of conduct are not adequately defined or embedded.
  • Poor engagement – staff engagement is poor and high potential remains untapped.
  • Declining performance – morale, safety, health and well-being and organizational performance have declined.

We help organisations turn around under performance, improve satisfactory performance and further develop the potential of high performers to maximise organisational success. We will develop a customised service that aligns with your context and achieves your desired performance and development outcomes. We can work with you on your Performance Management System and/or on building the capability of your managers to better manage and improve the performance of their staff and teams.

Performance Management and Development Solutions

Performance Management System Consulting

Performance Management System review, update and rollout

Policy and process documentation

Staff engagement, education and training strategies.

Performance Management Training for People Managers

Skills for managing and developing individual and team performance

Skills for holding challenging performance conversations

Skills for managing under-performance.

Performance Management Support Service

Just-in-time phone coaching and advice service for Managers to address on-the-spot issues:

Learn best practice people management skills as and when you need them

Gain strategies for improving individual and team performance

Proactively manage difficult people issues before they get worse

Plan for, or debrief, difficult conversations.

Performance Improvement

Facilitated team planning and team development workshops

Facilitated workshops to develop and embed team values, ethics and agreed behaviour.

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