Resilience Training and Development

Are you struggling with any of the following resilience and wellbeing challenges?

  • Change – big changes and challenges are on the horizon, and you recognise the importance of being proactive – helping build your staff’s personal strength and capacity in advance, rather than waiting till the storm hits and people start floundering.
  • Declining productivity – leaders are struggling to keep themselves and their teams productive and healthy during times of increasing change, pressure, uncertainty and complexity.
  • Poor wellbeing – leaders feel uncomfortable prioritising their own wellbeing, believing that effective leadership requires the sacrifice of self for the benefit of others. This can lead to physical, psychological and social ramifications, including underperformance, illness and burn-out.
  • Volatile relationships – poor coping skills show up as interpersonal conflicts and difficult workplace relationships, volatile team dynamics, toxic cultures and negative customer experiences.
  • Poor performance and absenteeism – flow-on effects include increase in stress related injury, absenteeism, industrial issues and staff turnover, plus decreases in performance and productivity.

Building resilience is a protective strategy, enabling staff, teams and leaders to develop skills which prevent them being knocked down by challenge and change. Resilience skills can be learnt and applied by all staff, regardless of personal or workplace circumstances. Positive Psychology has yielded a wealth of research that demonstrates the links between positive, resilient and engaged staff and organisational performance. We will develop a customised service that aligns with your context and achieves your desired resilience outcomes. We can work with you to develop and embed a strategy for building resilience across your organisation, or we can focus on specific hot spots where resilience is needed.

Resilience Solutions

Resilience Consulting

Resilience assessment and profiling: leader resilience; team resilience; staff resilience using the [email protected] ® (Resilience at Work) suite

Leader resilience training and coaching

Team resilience workshops and programs

Resilience education, engagement and training strategies for staff

Mental health awareness and psychological safety training

Policy and strategy development.

Suicide intervention training programs

These programs provide practical training for non-clinical front-line staff and managers likely to intersect with people who are becoming vulnerable, or who are at imminent risk of suicide, within their organisation or client group.

Conversations for Life™ Workshop (half day - early suicide prevention)

Strengthened for Life™ Workshop (full day - crisis intervention)

Programs delivered in partnership with ConNetica Consulting

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