Adventure Tours Australia Group

Team Development

Following a period of substantial company change, Adventure Tours Australia Group engaged PB Performance and Development to facilitate a team development workshop for a newly formed national team. Jo worked with the Managing Director and HR Manager to design a workshop to:

  • Energise and inspire the team with a sense of strong leadership and hope for an optimistic future
  • Gain individual and team buy-in to creating a positive future for the company and the team.

Jo facilitated a series of individual, small and large group activities which helped the team:

  • Identify individual and team strengths
  • Generate a shared vision for the future
  • Define the specific behaviours and new activities required of them to realise the vision
  • Understand and manage their individual experiences of, and reactions to, change
  • Develop strategies for increasing collaboration and positivity within the workplace

The workshop was well-received and the team were highly engaged on the day. Anecdotal and survey feedback confirmed the workshop had made a strong contribution to staff commitment and buy-in to a positive future for the company.

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