Leadership and Management Development

Are you struggling with any of the following leadership challenges?


Your organisation is facing unprecedented change; you’re operating in volatile and complex environments; the future is uncertain and the way forward is often ambiguous.

Leaders who have been comfortable and successful operating in simple, stable, clear and certain environments are out of their depth, and struggling to lead effectively in modern organisational environments.

Your leadership team has developed a set of shared behaviours that are limiting its capacity for effective leadership, but shifting the culture of the team hasn’t been tackled or has failed.

You’re looking for a leadership program which goes beyond skills development, and which supports your leaders to explore and challenge their own way of perceiving and being in the world; helps them to recognise, understand and shift habitual behaviours and thinking patterns which are limiting their leadership effectiveness; and opens up access to creative competencies and strengths-based leadership behaviours.


Your organisation needs leaders who can do more than address technical challenges– you need wise, creative leaders who can solve complex problems, build social and economic capacity, and act as role models for our new and emerging leaders.

Your technical experts, promoted because of their expertise, are struggling to adapt to the strategic focus and develop the people skills required in their new leadership role.

Your seasoned leaders, feeling out of their depth and struggling to respond to increasingly complex operating environments, are searching for a development opportunity that profoundly opens up their capacity for effectiveness and impact.


The pressure on your leaders to lead effectively, responsibly, ethically and sustainably under these conditions has never been greater.

You need your leaders to get results, not just for themselves, but within the broader context of success for their teams, their organisation, their community and humanity as a whole.

Effective leadership requires the right combination of skills together with a commitment to personal development and a passionate desire to make a positive difference. PB Performance and Development works with aspiring, new and senior leaders to facilitate self-awareness and to develop leadership skills, attitudes and behaviours so they can lead effectively, authentically and sustainably for the benefit of their people, their organisation and their stakeholders.

Leadership Solutions

Leadership Coaching

Work with a coach to build leadership competencies, solve problems,increase efficiency, improve performance, achieve results, reach goals, manage change, debrief difficult issues, respond to ethical challenges, and lead with zest, passion and purpose.

For middle managers, aspiring leaders, executives and senior executives

Individually tailored 6-session coaching packages, including coach support between sessions

3-way client-coach-manager meetings to support goal setting and review progress

Online behavioural profiling and 360 leadership assessment available

Casual ‘just-in-time’ coaching available to support a specific challenge or decision

In-person or virtual coaching available.

Coaching outcomes can include:

Enhanced performance (skills, competencies, results, outcomes)

Internal growth and development (shifts in awareness, insight, perception, perspective and limiting beliefs and thinking patterns)

Career satisfaction and progression

Improved resilience and well-being.

360 Leadership Assessment

Leadership effectiveness survey and debrief for aspiring, new or seasoned leaders and leadership teams.

The Leadership Circle Profile ™ – individual 360 leadership assessment and debrief, personal Leadership Circle profile report and interpretation manual

Leadership Culture Survey ™(The Leadership Circle) – Executive and Leadership team 360 leadership culture assessment, team profile and debrief

Follow-up individual or team development and coaching available.

Leadership Training

For front-line supervisors and middle managers

Broad topics include:

  • Supervision (delegation, accountability, performance management and development)
  • Management and leadership (management skills, leadership style, self-development, performance management and development, team development, managing change)
  • The leader as coach (developing and embedding coaching skills for managers and leaders)

Training can be delivered as 'Lunch Bytes' (45 minutes), as stand-alone 60-90-minute modules or in half day, full day or longer programs.

See our list of training courses on Leadership and Management.

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