Services for High Performance

We work with organisations and businesses to build the capacity of your leaders, your teams and your staff so they can better execute business strategy and deliver on organisational goals.

Our workplace programs are organised around 4 service pillars:

  1. Leadership and Management Development
  2. Managing and Improving Performance
  3. Resilience Training and Development
  4. Career Progression and Development

Our leadership and management programs benefit leaders and people managers at all levels, including Executives, middle managers, team leaders, front-line supervisors and aspiring leaders. Our performance management and resilience programs can benefit targeted staff at all levels and in all roles throughout the organisation.

Our career development programs benefit employees who have been in the workforce for some time and who are feeling unhappy or unfulfilled in their current job or dissatisfied more generally in their career or work life. Individuals generally contact us directly and self-fund their career coaching, however organisational referrals are also welcomed.

What We Do

Our programs can include a tailored blend of:

Program, strategy or initiative development

Behavioural profiling and 360 feedback assessments

One-to-one coaching

Team coaching and group facilitation

Performance management advice

Policy, program, planning and process documentation.

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