Career Progression and Development

Are you struggling with any of the following career challenges?

  • Leadership effectiveness – you’re an aspiring leader with the skills and motivation to take on your first leadership role, or a senior leader looking to progress – but you recognize that stepping up requires an analysis of your leadership competencies and behaviours, with a view to developing those that will give you the most leverage in terms of leadership effectiveness.
  • Looking for change – you’ve reached a point in your career where you recognise big change is needed – your values, priorities or circumstances are changing, and work is no longer satisfying; you feel unhappy, unfulfilled, or undervalued; maybe you’re wondering how you ended up where you are, or whether you chose the wrong path in the first place; maybe it’s time to go after a role that better uses your skills and knowledge, allows you to grow and develop, and more closely aligns with your interests, passion and values
  • Career frustration – you’re committed to progressing your career but can’t seem to take the next step – you’re being overlooked by your own company, you’re struggling to get interviews, and when you do, nerves let you down. Staying positive and motivated in the face of constant knock-backs is exhausting.
  • Not achieving your potential – you’ve put all the hard work into completing your tertiary studies, but without much practical experience you can’t find a job in the area you’ve trained for, so you’ve settled for one that pays the bills but doesn’t allow you to use your professional skills and knowledge.
  • Transitioning to retirement and wanting meaningful work – you’re a late career professional and starting to think about your options for transitioning to retirement. You’ve still got plenty to offer, but your goals and priorities are shifting, so you want to explore how you can maintain your contribution to and connection with meaningful work, whilst exploring other avenues to meet your needs for connection, engagement, accomplishment and purpose.

As your coach, we will partner with you on your career development journey, whatever direction that takes, to ensure you remain motivated and positive whilst moving forward towards your chosen career goals. For organisations, we can develop customised career development training that aligns with your context and achieves your desired outcomes for groups of staff or individuals in career transition.

Career Development Solutions

Work with a coach to identify meaningful and personally-relevant career development goals and strategies, make confident choices, establish and implement successful plans, stay focused and motivated, and gain practical skills for managing challenges in your current role.

Career Development Coaching

Individually tailored 5-session coaching packages, including career development workbook and coach support between sessions

On-line career assessment and development reports and 360 leadership profiling available

Just-in-time coaching to support interview or job application preparation

Casual coaching available to support a specific challenge or decision.

Career Development Training

Organisation or work group based

Career planning – Take Charge of Your Career

Job application, resume and interview skills

Public Sector selection panel training

Transition to retirement

Half or full day programs available

Career Options Profiling

Through a combination of psychometric testing and reflective enquiry with a career development coach, generate a list of suitable and realistic career options to pursue.

Harrison ™ on-line career assessment

2x individually tailored coaching sessions

Career Development Planner

Self-paced career planning resource combined with single career development coaching session.

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