Australian Electoral Commission

Resilience Training and Team Development

PB Performance and Development was engaged to design and deliver staff training and team development to facilitate the success of an organisational change program involving 40 staff. The consultancy included the following elements.

Resilience Training:

Full day program equipping staff to maintain performance and well-being within the context of an uncertain, changing and challenging work environment. Training objectives included:

  • Understanding the nature of resilience and how it can be developed
  • Identifying personal strengths, skills and resources already available to increase well-being
  • Developing a range of skills and strategies to build personal resilience for work and beyond

Team Development:

Full day all staff workshop facilitating the team to identify, agree on and accept the values, culture and behaviours to create a healthy, harmonious and high performing team for the future. Workshop outcomes included:

  • Development of a team charter articulating agreed team behaviours
  • Agreed commitment to the charter, and a shared understanding of each person’s role in holding others accountable against the charter
  • An agreed strategy to embed the charter within the workplace

PB Performance and Development also recommended targeted individual support be offered to staff as needed, including individual coaching, career transition and referral to an Employee Assistance Program. A skill development program was recommended to support new team leaders in managing their staff performance, behaviour, morale and team harmony.

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