Martin Seligman Adelaide Residency

Martin Seligman Adelaide Residency

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Dr Martin Seligman has now completed the first month of his Thinker In Residence in South Australia. A number of heartening and inspiring things have already arisen from his visit:

  • The number of people – professionals and public alike – who are interested or actively working in the field of positive psychology and well-being. Each of the four public forums was completely booked out, with nearly 3000 people attending one of the two public lectures at the Festival Theatre and St Peters College.To view these two talks click on the links below
  • The importance and feasibility of psychological immunisation of our young people – building up resilience, character strengths and psychological fitness to guard against trauma, anxiety, stress and depression
  • Dr Seligman’s bold hope that South Australia, by adopting a systematic approach to well-being measurement and intervention, could become an international prototype for how an entire population can be supported to flourish – not just economically, but psychologically
  • The recognition that if this is to occur, we need to skill up our educators, health professionals, parents and service providers in positive psychology and well-being interventions. There seems to be some discussion about a version of the UPenn MAPP (Master of Applied Positive Psychology) being developed in Adelaide.
    STOP PRESS: Melbourne University has declared its intention to offer a Master of Applied Positive Psychology from 2013, with professional development programs being run in the second half of 2012. Contact for enquiries Mr Field Rickards, Dean of Education [email protected]
  • In speaking with Dr Seligman both in Adelaide and Sydney, I asked what he thought was stopping us achieving his vision – that by the year 2051, 51% of the population would be flourishing? Part of the answer lies in a systematic and co-ordiated approach to the development of well-being, and to this end I am continuing with my commitment to the professional development of the field of positive psychology within SA, through the Happiness and Positive Psychology Interest Group. See more about the group here.

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Martin Seligman at the Adelaide Festival Theatre on Well-being, 8th Feb 2012
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Martin Seligman at St Peters College Adelaide on Positive Education, 14th Feb 2012
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Martin Seligman on Radio National breakfast, 16th Feb 2012, speaking about well-being measurement and intervention, and the notion of psychological immunisation.
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