Taking Charge of Your Career

Taking Charge of Your Career

In March 2013 the Australian Taxation Office held a month long, nation-wide Learning and Development Expo with the theme Taking Charge of Your Career. The expo aimed to showcase the range of development options and activities available in the ATO, and to engage and excite staff in taking charge of their own learning and career development. Jo Saies of PB Performance Coaching was engaged as one of four high profile guest speakers during the month, and spoke on the topic “What’s happiness got to do with career development?” The presentation covered the following topics and key messages

  • Taking personal responsibility for your career development
  • Defining goals and pathways, creating professional development opportunities, accessing resources
  • Aligning career with personal values and core strengths
  • Resilience and well-being at work
  • Enhancing job satisfaction through job crafting, engagement, finding meaning and purpose
  • Linking personal, professional and career development
  • Mindset, taking risks, being proactive, managing confidence

The presentation was based on the science of positive psychology, interwoven with personal scenarios and examples which demonstrated a pro-active and self-initiated approach to career development and satisfaction. Over 300 people attended live and via tele-conference, with Jo taking questions via text from around the country. Positive feedback was submitted instantaneously via phone, email and text by APS1 to Executive Level staff. Vanessa North, Expo Co-ordinator and Director Strategic and Shared Services, Learning and Development, noted ‘Jo’s presentation was polished, insightful, informative, inspirational and appealed across the board to the wide range of employees attending. Many thanks Jo for a wonderful experience’.

The presentation was made available to all staff throughout the ATO as part of an electronic expo show bag. You can view Jo’s presentation below.


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